November Theme: Finding Gratitude

November's focus is on the healing power of gratitude.  This series of ideas and activities are designed to help us stop and recognize, despite things that have gone wrong in our lives, all the things that have gone right.


The third installment of this video series explores the healing and restorative power of gratitude.

Learn about an amazing way to capture memories and finding gratitude in our stories.

Re-discover the joys of playing as a family around the kitchen table or the living room floor.  Good, old analog fun.

November Essays

November's essays focus on finding gratitude, even in the midst of difficulty.

November Essays:

  • Sweeter Things [posted] - A story about a grandma, chocolate cake and the sweeter things of life.
  • The Work of Remembering [posted] - A story about what to do with the memories we have.
  • Gratitude for Mothers [posted] - a story about mothers and an old family recipe.
  • A Better Way [posted] - With a box fort and a little imagination, a look at parenting and how some things matter more than others.
  • When the Student is Ready [posted] - A story about growth and healing.

November Essays